Amazing Sex Positions to Have Better Sex with an Escort

When it comes to sex, the position is everything. Use of various sex positions during the act make it more fun and enjoyable. Both you and your partner get to have different levels of sensation, making you want to have more and more. The following are the different positions that can be used to have better sex with an escort, like the beautiful girls at Charlotte Action Escorts:

The Cat

The cat is closely related to the missionary position except body positioning. You raise your body up on one side to make your chest close to her shoulders. Her legs are bent about 45 degrees to enable her hips to tilt up. The position gives you the perfect opportunity for the tip of your penis to reach her clitoris. You can also spruce up the experience by having her legs straightened up to allow you to push your pelvis towards her when she makes the moves.

The Cowgirl

Here, the woman is on top of the man. The position allows you to have a view of her doing the rounds while the escort takes charge of the intensity and pace of the penetration. You can add more intensity to the position by having the lady’s legs spread on top of yours while lying chest to chest to create a rocking motion with the lady rubbing her vulva against your hips for greater pleasure.

The Hot Seat/ The Love Seat

The man sits at the edge of a chair or the bed while his feet rest on the floor. The escort sits between his legs while turning away from him. The position gives the lady enough control over the angle of penetration since she can arch her back and press her buttocks into the man’s groin.

The Pretzel

In this position, the lady lies on her left side and straddles her leg around your bent knee. The escort’s right leg is bent around your waist on the right side to allow you to access her vagina. The position allows you to have deep penetration while the lady is comfortably lounging during the act. However, the escort can have reservations against rear entry since it might cause some pain at the back. You can add on to the pleasure by stroking her vagina using your fingers, holding the penis and rubbing it against her clitoris for more explosive pleasure.