Do All My London Clients Turn Me On?

My girlfriends who don’t work for London escorts sometimes ask me questions about what goes on at London escorts. One of the most frequent questions they ask me is if I get turned on by all of the men that I date at London escorts. The answer to that question is no. It is a bit like expecting every guy that you meet to turn women on. I have been on blind dates and met some men who have made my stomach heave.

The other thing my girlfriends would like to know if I ever come across some really weird fetishes and kinks. Most London escorts run into men, and women for that matter, who have got some serious kinky fetishes. Just like other London escorts, I am happy to indulge some of the fetishes that top paying clients may have, however, I do not indulge all of them. Some of the fetishes and kinks that I have come across can best be described as stomach-turning. When a client would like to live out his or her fetish, I make sure that I am happy to go along with it before I take any money. I know that it sounds a bit peculiar, but quite frankly, I am not up for just anything.

Do I always look really sexy when I go out on London escorts date? I am sure that most of my girlfriends think that I am a sex kitten all of the time. Some London escorts only provide a sexy outcall service, but what I do is a little bit different. I have been involved with London escorts for some time. During my career, I have built up a wide and varied clientele. I have clients who like to hook up with me to indulge their fetishes, and then I have other clients who just like to take me out on dinner dates. I love the variation, and to be fair, if it was not for that, I don’t think that I would be working for London escorts.

Have I ever fallen in love with a London escorts client? It is not a good idea to fall in love with your clients, but I am not the only London escort to fall in love “on the job” so to speak. Sometimes you get the chance to really get to know your clients, and that is when you risk falling in love with them. You start taking the relationship personal and that is not a good thing. I know of a few horror stories of London escorts who have given up everything for their clients and just been used. It is better to keep a professional distance, but it is not always easy to do.

Would I leave London escorts? I am not that sort of girl who is going to keep in escorting in London until I turn my toes up. Some London escorts become addicted to escorting and don’t know what else to do with their lives. You get addicted to the glamorous lifestyle and simply can’t stop. It is a bit like running a gauntlet, you try to avoid what could trap you and make you work for London escorts forever. I have learned to keep my distance to my job, and I know that one day, I will move on and do something different. So far it has been a great ride, but unlike other London escorts, I do have future plans.